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Last Man Standing Vintage Raglan Shirt
Casual and cool this authentic vintage  men's raglan shirt is the right fit for any season. Fabric : Triblend of cotton, polyester and jersey  Vintage style with subtle shading between sleeves and body Those who take the shortcut to success miss out on the experience that the struggle of the long road offers. The long road provides a foundation that will serve you well when you reach the top! #Lennoxism
Size: S , M , L , XL , XXL , XXXL
Universally Undisputed Tshirt
14 years and counting as the last undisputed heavy weight champion of the world. Sure to become a collectors item. Fabric: 100% Cotton, with a soft smooth finish The requirements of being a great champ lie not just inside the ring. How you handle success outside the ring is just as important! #Lennoxism
Size: XS , M , L , XL , XXL , XXXL